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Honorable Wendy L. Hagenau, Chief Judge  • M. Regina Thomas, Clerk of Court

United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia. We have four divisional offices located in Atlanta, Gainesville, Newnan and Rome.

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Types of Bankruptcy For Individuals

Today, personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 eliminates debt through discharge. Chapter 13 bankruptcy (sometimes called “wage earner plans”) reorganizes debts for either full or partial repayment between 3 to 5 years. Chapter 11 offers more complex reorganization of debts, while Chapter 12 applies only to family farmers. Of all types of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 & 13 are chosen by most individual filers because these chapters are cost effective. Both chapter are available under new bankruptcy laws, but according to different qualification standards. In particular, new changes affect:

  • Bankruptcy requirements – completion of conditions before filing.
  • Bankruptcy means test – a measure of disposable income.
  • Personal bankruptcy laws – alternatives available based on disposable income.
  • Chapter 13 laws – minimum duration of plans and confirmation requirements.
  • Bankruptcy new laws – new limitations on discharge and presumptions against debtors.
  • Chapter 7 laws – 3 new tests to qualify based on net disposable income and the amount of debts owed.
  • Medical bankruptcy – provisions that apply to catastrophic circumstances.
  • Bankruptcy dismissals – new mandatory circumstances that require dismissal, plus changes in motion, objection and court order practice. These changes primarily affect lawyers, law firms and attorney fees.

Court Locations 

Georgia  Bankruptcy Records

Richard B. Russell Federal Building and
United States Courthouse
75 Ted Turner Drive, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Telephone: (404) 215-1000

Sidney O. Smith Federal Building and
United States Courthouse
121 Spring Street SE
Gainesville, GA 30501
Telephone: (678) 450-2700

Lewis R. Morgan Federal Building and
United States Courthouse
18 Greenville Street
Newnan, GA 30263
Telephone: (678) 423-3000

United States Courthouse
600 East First Street
Rome, GA 30161
Telephone: (706) 378-4000

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